Newt One - A fun, colorful, & musical 3D Platformer

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"this title is something unique and special"
- Game Tyrant

"a colourful concoction of cute"
- Gameranx

"packed full of bright colours and bursting with a positive atmosphere"
- Outright Geekery

"a serene and colorful adventure that contrasts with the usual grimness of the video game landscape....there is an undeniable charm to its bubbly personality"
- Top Shelf Gaming

"a unique experience. It falls within a genre, but is very much its own thing"
- Backlog Boys

"unique twists on typcal 3D platformer experiences"
- Zero Lives

"a special one"
- Review Fix

"a breath of fresh air. There is no violence in this game. Just fun and challenging platforming"
- The Zombie Chimp

"The game truly is about love and happiness"
- The Insatiable Gamer

"It is a calm and enchanted world which spreads positive thoughts all around"
- Games News Plus

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We lovingly craft nonviolent, colorful games with a focus on music.

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Dev Jana: game design, music, programming
Ari Carrillo: art, level design, story

About DevNAri

It is our belief that games can make lives better - and happier!

A two-person team in Minneapolis, DevNAri seeks to manifest games that generate happiness in our player(s).

Often, we do so through calm & progression coupled with with enough challenge & pacing to keep the user in a flow state.

Happiness has been linked to healthiness and we believe games can be a huge part of both!

For more on our focus on Newt One, here's a short video of us presenting Newt One at Minnedemo 25