Newt One

A fun, colorful, & musical 3D Platformer

We are currently working on Newt One - our first project. Coming to a console near you in mid 2017... at least that's the plan right now. Although we made beta 0.8 playable at TEDx Minneapolis 2016, and the full beta of Newt One publicly playable at Gamer's Rhapsody 3, at which we won Best Visuals.

You play as Newt, a new tone in a musical land that has fallen to the Gray Slumber. Awakening this sleeping, silent world is Newt's rite of passage.

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Restore your realm's music, life, and color!

  • Innovative non-linear 3D Platforming fun
  • Enchanting music that adapts to the world
  • 4 unique Worlds each with 6 levels
  • Cute, memorable art style
  • Nonviolent gameplay

Version history for Newt One, for the curious.

About Us


We’re a couple of guys who met in gradschool over ten years ago while working on our MFAs in 3D Animation and Special Effects at DMAC. Now we have day jobs and work on nonviolent, colorful games with a focus on music in the evenings and on the weekends at our home desks in the Twin Cities.

Recently, we've been spotted in the wild showing Newt One at TEDx Minneapolis 2016 as well as at IDGATC in June 2016 as well as a few other sightings including a talk on Newt at IGDATC.

In December, we'll start closed beta testing of Newt One. If you are interested in signing up for the closed beta, you can subscribe to our email list below. While in beta testing, we'll polish the game and work towards our goal of a mid-2017 console release.

Ari Carrillo – Art/Levels/Design

Born and raised in Mexico he has screened his animated shorts such as “La Cecilia” and “The Cock & Bull Story” around the world in various festivals and venues including Moondance, San Diego Comicon, and Rome Film Festival. In 2007 Ari settled in Minnesota to teach Game Design and Animation but a few years later he became Chair to the Visual Communication and Game Design Departments at Brown College. Today he works as a 3D modeler at Axonom where he creates 3D assets for various configurators that provide customers quotes on medical equipment, exercising machines, and office supplies.

Favorite Games: Destiny, Diablo III, Little Big Planet, Journey, Fat Princess, Dokapon Kingdom, Disgaea series, The Puppeteer, Tiny Toon Adventures, The Crew, Rocket League, Guacamelee!, Tomb Raider, and most of the Final Fantasy games.


Email: ari [at]

Hobbies: Play the Piano, create/paint Vinyl Toys, Legos!

Dev Jana - Music/Scripting/Design

By day, Dev is an Instructor/Software Engineer at Prime Digital Academy where he teaches full stack web development. Nights and weekends have him playing music (see also The Funky United and and working on Newt One. Previously, Dev was Project Manager at Image Metrics and worked on mobile games like AliEnd and Sea Snake as well as PC Games like Stargate: Resistance and Roy G Beats. Hobby projects occasionally manifest themelves, such as Baby Fart Flyer and Cemetery Sprint which is on The Donutron. He has also been a Professor of Game Design at Champlain College, Department Chair of Game Design at Collins College, and an Instructor at Brown College.

Favorite Games: Arkanoid, Rocket League, Mario Series (specifically SMB & 64), X Wing, The Legend of Zelda, Dark Sun: Shattered Lands, Doom II, Red Dead Redemption, Tetris, Journey, The Last of Us


Twitter: @devjana

Email: dev [at]

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